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Join the SOMA Breath Tribe and discover how to dissolve stress, improve health, deepen spiritual growth, and elevate all areas of your life using only your breath!

Breathe Together Sundays | Free Breathwork Session

Join the next free Breathwork session on Sunday, July 21st at 12pm ET on Zoom to experience the power of Breathwork for healing, manifestation, and blissful experiences.

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Why SOMA Breath?

It all starts with how you feel!

Your breath is the remote control to your nervous system and SOMA Breath teaches you how to use it so you can feel amazing on command!

When your body and nervous system are at peace and full of natural bliss, these positive feelings will transform into positive thoughts.

Those thoughts then become decisions, which inspire action, creating results aligned with those initial good feelings.

SOMA Breath fixes issues at the core and helps you gain clarity, motivation and momentum to move forward with unstoppable confidence.

Benefits of SOMA Breath?

Our unique Breathe in Beats music technology makes Breathwork simple and exciting, allowing you to naturally enhance your quality of life by improving health, energy, mindset, productivity, and focus.

Simulate high-altitude training to boost stamina, endurance, and relieve chronic pain and disease. Increase your longevity and experience profound visions, whole-body orgasmic effects, and deep inspiration.

Stimulate neurogenesis naturally, creating new neural pathways for successful, long-term reprogramming. Reduce stress, enhance self-esteem, and promote healing with stem cell activation.

What You Can Expect From SOMA Breath

Deep Relaxation On Command

Discover simple breathing exercises to help your body and mind relax deeply on command. This is the first step towards any form of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Emotional & Trauma Release

SOMA Breath can help you clear out any emotional baggage that isn't serving you so you can be free to experience the life and the feelings you actually do want.

Peak Human Experience

Enjoy the Peak of the Human Experience from the comfort of your own home. Increase your spiritual awareness and discover new levels of peace and natural bliss you didn’t know were possible.

Become Part Of A Passionate Tribe

Join our international Tribe and build connections with other high-vibe people like yourself! Follow the program with the group to make the experience more exciting and effective!

Meet Some Of Our Facilitators

Niraj Naik

Breathwork Instructor DJ NSP Practitioner Speaker Nutrition Coach Pharmacist

SOMA Breath was founded by Niraj Naik to help empower others to take charge of their own healing and wellness using Breathwork Music Meditation. He has helped hundreds of thousands worldwide and has gained recognition from leading organisations such as Cambridge University, Gaia TV and TEDx.

Brook Avsar

Breathwork Instructor Ecstatic dance facilitator Retreat facilitator

Juggling responsibilities, deadlines, feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, burnt out and lonely in the corporate world Brook found fulfillment supporting others to transform fear into courage, stress into stillness, fatigue into vigour and chaos into calm. With the therapeutic power of SOMA Breath, she loves guiding energizing & deeply transformational breathwork journeys for her clients and students, helping them achieve inner tranquility, emotional resilience, enhanced stamina and increased focus.

Claudia Solis

Breathwork Instructor Mentor Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Air Yoga Instructor Energy Healer Menopause Coach Retreat Leader

Claudia Solís is a passionate wellness therapist for women especially in the menopause stage. My unique and revolutionary approach is based on the deep connection between breathing, Tribal Dance, therapy and inner power. I firmly believe that conscious breathing is the key that opens the door to authenticity, vitality and self-acceptance. I teach women to not only embrace menopause as an opportunity for personal growth, but also to reconnect with their inner strength through each inhale and exhale.

David Genecand

Breathwork Instructor Mentor Emotional Root Healer Retreat Leader

His company - Almondgy - is recognised as the pioneer of sugar-free, organic nutrition in Switzerland. David’s unstoppable drive, determination and resilience, coupled with his attuned power over his mind, has enabled him to run ultra-marathons of up to 205 km. He’s an Emotional Root Healer and as a SOMA Breath Master Transformational Coach he’s mentored and trained hundreds of Instructors.

Kyle Espenshade

Breathwork Instructor Mentor Tao Qigong Instructor Music Producer Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Healing Tao Qigong Instructor, Music Producer, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Kyle has coached 100s of people to improve their lives with over 10 years of experience in Internal Alchemy Arts. SOMA Breath gave Kyle the science and breathwork protocols he needed to make his practice exponentially more effective and fun, allowing him to polish his system of holistic healing and transformation for the modern day spiritual seeker.

Shaina Maree

Breathwork Instructor Yoga instructor Energy healer

Passionate about spirituality, third eye activation and the mind-body connection, Shaina was a Yoga teacher who struggled to find clients. Since she completed the SOMA Breath Certification Training, her life has completely turned around. All of her work with Yoga, meditation and her own curiosity about the science of spirituality came together. Shaina has gone from no clients, to reaching thousands through festivals, retreats, special events and mentoring our Instructors through our in person advanced retreats.

Steven Whitney

Breathwork Instructor Retreat leader Mentor

Steve is a SOMA Breath Master Instructor and Teacher Trainer. Steve helps people upscale their lives, energy and health so they can grow their business, relationships and wellness. He has guided hundreds of sessions around the world including ecstatica dance.

Become A Breathwork Instructor

Join our global tribe of SOMA Breath® instructors who absolutely love waking up every day with the freedom to call the shots on how they want to work and the fulfillment of using their gifts to create a life-transforming impact for others.

Learn more about the different pathways of becoming a SOMA Breath® Instructor or Master Instructor and start designing your dream life of freedom, impact, and fulfillment today.

Simply book a free discovery call with our team, tell them about your dreams and discover how the SOMA Breath Certification Training can help you reach your goals faster.

What People Say About SOMA Breath

"It helped me to dramatically improve my health after the doctors said it was not possible”

“I went through every sensation there is”

“It’s so beautiful to feel so open and let go of so much”

We've Worked With Industry Leaders


Health Consultant and New York Times Bestselling Author

Dr Tristan

Cambridge University




CEO of Mindvalley

SOMA Breath® is currently being studies by Cambridge University.

“We chose to collaborate with SOMA Breath® due to its very clear and systematic approach, and the effectiveness of the method as per clear report from those participating and the researchers coordinating the study.”

About Niraj

Niraj Naik is a professional musician and pharmacist turned holistic health and Breathwork expert. He started his path in healing others, as a community pharmacist, yet after several years he found himself a patient with stress-related depression and ulcerative colitis.

This was a wake-up call that made him embark on a journey of profound self-healing and education. He created a global community of heart-centred changemakers by founding SOMA Breath - the global Breathwork and wellness movement with over 2500+ certified instructors, and hundreds of thousands of students around the globe.

Niraj’s Breathwork is advocated by some top names in wellness such as Ben Greenfield, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani, and Dave Asprey. His techniques are currently being studied by leading neuroscientists at Cambridge University.

Mindvalley Author